Learning Online Space – Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges

Privacy Statement


Scope of Implementation

Data Collection

What can be collected and generated:

  1. Administrative: Civil status, identity, identification data, images
  2. Personal life: Personal Data(username, full name, address, email, phone numbers), lifestyle, family situation, Social Media Accounts
  3. Connection data: IP address logging
  4. Educational Data: Program, Course, Coursework/Activities, Grades
  5. Records of Education: Results of exams, Assessments, Awards
  6. Location data: Travel, GPS data, GSM

How the data are used

  1. To ensure the identity of the users
  2. To associate you to a course
  3. To track your activities inside a course and site wide (for performance monitoring)
  4. To assess the current capability of the system for continuous enhancement for the hardware and software layer.
  5. To assess security issues (if there are any).

How the data are handled

  1. The information are stored in a database.
  2. The system uses a built-in machine learning for generating data analytics.
  3. A scheduled maintenance operations are conducted to ensure the health of the system as close as possible to an error-free state.